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  • What are the main applications of acrylic sheet

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    The research, development and use of acrylic sheets have a history of more than one hundred years. In 1880, the polymerizability of methacrylic acid was known; in 1901, the research on the synthesis of polypropionate was completed...
  • What is sanitary ware grade acrylic sheet

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    All acrylic sheets are made of MMA monomer, and the chemical name of MMA is methyl methacrylate. MMA monomer is a clear and transparent liquid, which looks a lot like water. The conversion into a solid material, called a polymer, requires the addition of a catalyst and heating...
  • The position of acrylic sheet in the ever-changing advertising sign market can be described as rising. Acrylic billboards have novel appearances, diverse designs, and eye-catching features, so that customers' capital investment will receive an ideal return, and they have begun to gradually occupy an increasing market share of billboards....
  • What is the reason for the bubbles in the acrylic processing and bonding process?1. When the adhesive surface of the acrylic sheet is corroded by a solvent (a special adhesive for acrylic), it will leave traces that are difficult to remove. For this reason, you can use a sticker to protect the parts that do not need to be stuck...
  • Acrylic display stands have become the most ideal and most commonly used display tools in the field of display props. Display racks made of acrylic materials are favored by people in the display industry because of their corrosion resistance, impact resistance, excellent light transmission performance, and beautiful appearance. ...
  • For people who often purchase display racks, the purchase price of acrylic display racks often makes people feel like, why is acrylic display racks more expensive than others. Why does the display stand of the same size have such a big price difference because it is only a matter of material...
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