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                                  What is sanitary ware grade acrylic sheet

                                  Time:2021-11-09 14:52:43  View:3079
                                         All acrylic sheets are made of MMA monomer, and the chemical name of MMA is methyl methacrylate. MMA monomer is a clear and transparent liquid, which looks a lot like water. The conversion into a solid material, called a polymer, requires the addition of a catalyst and heating.

                                         Acrylic sheets are basically divided into two types, extruded sheets and cast sheets, which mainly refer to the processing technology of manufacturing sheets. Extruded acrylic sheets have excellent thermoforming properties, but extruded sheets are more brittle than cast sheets. Due to the poor crack resistance, chemical resistance and hot water circulation resistance of the extruded sheet, it is not suitable for the production of bathtubs. Pouring acrylic right material uses MMA liquid to pour MMA into a glass cavity and polymerize it in a heated oven. This process is called "cavity casting plate".

                                         Sanitary ware-grade pouring acrylic sheet is a special grade sheet, specially used for the production of bathtubs and other sanitary ware purposes. It has the same high molecular weight as the standard cast board but cross-linking. Cross-linking is a special chemical reaction that can improve the board's resistance to household chemical cleaning agents and other solvents. Through careful selection of dyes, sanitary ware-grade panels can also be dyed to ensure that the entire surface of the final bathtub has the same color and remains unchanged for many years. However, the general acrylic sheet has poor heat resistance and is easy to fade, lose its luster or even crack.

                                         It is generally believed that plastic is inferior to traditional building materials, and everyone may think that acrylic is easy to be scratched. Sanitary ware grade acrylic is the hardest kind of plastic in common use. According to ISO2093/2 method, its Rockwell hardness is 102 , Its Burcol hardness is 55. The hardness of the sanitary ware grade acrylic sheet is 9H with pencils, and the sanitary ware grade acrylic sheet has a hardness similar to that of polished aerospace aluminum.