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How to identify the pros and cons of acrylic sheet

Time:2021-11-09 14:52:09  View:3110
       The position of acrylic sheet in the ever-changing advertising sign market can be described as rising. Acrylic billboards have novel appearances, diverse designs, and eye-catching features, so that customers' capital investment will receive an ideal return, and they have begun to gradually occupy an increasing market share of billboards. The perfect combination of excellent performance of acrylic material, outstanding creativity of the designer, and sophisticated manufacturing craftsmanship of the signature manufacturer makes the inspiration that bursts into reality. So, what exactly does the acrylic sheet look like?

       What are the characteristics of acrylic sheet:

       1. Excellent weather resistance
       2. Higher surface hardness and surface gloss

       3. Better high temperature resistance
       4. Excellent processing performance and easy processing, reasonable cost
       5. Waste can be recycled
       6. Chemical resistance, stronger than most other plastic materials
       7. Easy to clean and maintain, make acrylic led billboards and light boxes look like a day for ten years
       You must know that no matter what is good or bad, acrylic sheet is no exception. We mentioned above that the waste material of acrylic sheet can be completely recycled and recycled. Therefore, the so-called inferior sheet is made of recycled MMA monomer. Acrylic sheet, also known as material return board, and the emergence of return material board is because people do not fully understand the recycled board and its low price, so that recycled acrylic board still occupies a large market space in the country. However, as people gradually deepen their understanding of acrylic materials, the living space of recycled panels will become smaller and smaller. How to distinguish between good and bad acrylic sheet:
       1. Appearance: The appearance of the recycled board is yellowish, which will be obvious from its cross-section;
       2. The surface is easy to scratch. From the characteristics of acrylic sheet we mentioned above, it can be understood that it has excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance, and the recycled version will also produce irritating odor when cutting;
       3. Sensitive to paint and ink, prone to silver streaks or cracks;
       4. Foaming when burning, emit black smoke and have a pungent smell;
       5. Long-term performance: High-quality acrylic sheets usually use high-quality raw materials and unique formula production technology to make them have excellent long-term outdoor performance. For light boxes and signboard applications, the expected service life can exceed 10 years.